New projects and equipment on-site supervision with quality control personnel settings

According to the requirements of the owner or  contractor, provide a series of inspection records  that include constructing related water treatment system , QA/QC, lifting and positioning equipment, on-site component assembly, material entry point inspection and confirmation, material inventory , coating film thickness and hardness test, checking discrepancies between construction drawing and on-site , etc., which shall be confirmed and filled in inspection record forms and delivered to the owner or contractor for future reference

Equipment commissioning assistance

After the system equipment  have constructed, professional personnel will assist to carry out relevant inspection and test before, during and after operation. That includes  pipeline pressure test, pipe internal flushing, filter material filling, insulation test, I/O test, gasket material confirmation, analog signal test, sterilization operation implementation, etc. Our company will actively cooperate with the owner to complete the relevant pre-work.

Plant operation management

After the system equipment operating and running normally, regular maintenance and services will be the immediate issue to focus on. The regular maintenance and cleaning of analytical instruments, the replacement of lubricating oil of rotary equipment, the replacement of filter core and filter material, the record of drug filling and injection volume, and the daily reading record of pressure meter will be checked by professionals who are familiar with the system. So that the equipment can run smoothly every day and  have limited unexpecting impact on products.

Equipment operation personnel training

Our company offers and organizes prior-training and on-site practice to ensure the new staff has gained  basic foundation  so that we can recommend them to the owner for examination and recruitment. It can effectively reduce unnecessary training costs on owners and limit turnover rate. This service will ensure that personnel make maximum work efficiency at the workplace to create Win-Win situation for the owners and our company.

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